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Explore the Italian Dolomites: Hike WWI Tunnels & Breathtaking Views

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Road of 52 Tunnels

The Italian Dolomites 

A breathtaking mountain range renowned for their dramatic scenery and challenging hikes. Nestled amidst these awe-inspiring peaks lies a hidden gem – a testament to human ingenuity and resilience during a dark time in history.  Built by the 33rd Miners Company of the Italian Army during World War I. 

Elevate Your Day: Hike the Tunnels

Imagine yourself traversing a path that stretches for over 21,000 feet, with an average incline of a challenging 12%. As you wind your way through 52 tunnels carved into the heart of the mountains, you'll be transported back to a time of hardship and bravery.

A Marvel of Engineering

The construction of these tunnels by the Italian military during World War I is a true marvel of engineering.  Carved entirely by hand, these tunnels provided crucial passage for soldiers and supplies along the mountainous border.  The tunnels themselves are a testament to the determination and skill of the 33rd Miners Company.

Culmination at the General Papa Achilles Hut

After your adventurous hike through the tunnels, you'll be rewarded with a magnificent view upon reaching the General Papa Achilles Hut (Refugio).  This historic hut, named after a distinguished Italian General, served as a critical military outpost during the war and now offers comfortable lodging and delicious food for weary hikers.